About Us

Sarandot Polymerss was started with TWO Members including Promoter and the core business was the Processing of Polymer Plates. Since the company’s base was in Tirupur the Hub of Textile Industry and these Polymer plates are largely required by the Printers (Label, Polybag and Corrugated Boxes) to make an impression in their Final Output. After a great struggle both financially and obtaining Market Base, the foursome were successful in completing the first year of Business with a Turnover of Rs

Even though the margin and Turnover were less, the confidence of the moving ahead was the leading manthra. During the second year of business the company obtained a good amount of Customer Base, with the over whelming support of Customers. The over enthusiastic Foursome started working for long hours, with the lone motive of living up to the customers expectation and servicing them in their required time.

After a lengthy discussion between the Promoter and the Supplier “Perfectos Speciality Inks” an initial consignment was imported from UK. Prior to our appointment as a Distributor Perfectos were selling approx 1.5 tons of Inks in Indian Market. Perfectos has initially supplied 456 kgs of Inks on a trial basis and all these were paid in advance. We had an un official agreement with Perfectos as they needed to check our potential in Indian Market. It was a great challenge since we have not sold any products outside Tirupur. Knowing that there is a huge potential for Garments from India, Promoter had decided to put in more man power to concentrate on sales of Inks.

These products were comparatively high priced than those are selling in Indian Market. It was a very tough challenge and had to go thru all the initial hurdles.

There were very few takers for the product due its high price. It was then that the Promoter has decided that Educating the customers on the advantages of the Product will fetch better results. The executives were very well trained on the advantages of the product and all these points were explained to customers. We started getting good response from the customer as they were pratically explained in their machine room itself.

The 456 kgs of inks were sold in a span of 72 Days to the very surprise of the supplier “Perfectos”. Now both the companies agreed to work together with new terms and conditions and were awarded as a “Distributor of Perfectos Inks in India”

It was taken as a challenge on improving the Sales in Indian Market. The Promoter has set himself a target of selling 4 tons in a span of 1 year. The challenge was of shock to the Supplier and has assured full support towards achieving the same. The TEAM of Sarandot Polymerss has now grown to 14 members.

Aggressive promotional activities were followed and also has the priveliage of participating in couple of Exhibitions that were related to Printing Industry. All parts of India were surveyed and live demo were also conducted in the customers machine room and sales started gorwing beyond everybodys expectations.